Ep5 Charley & Russ next to the WWII Fighters they dogfight in.jpg
Ep1 Russ & Charley and the Aston Martin and Ducati outside G.H Mumm.jpg
Ep4 Charley & Russ with Charles Haley at the Dallas Cowboys stadium.jpg
Ep7 Las Vegas Speedway Charley & Russ preparing to go out on track.jpg
Ep3 Charley & Russ with Longhorn cattle on the Ranch in Texas.jpg
Ep7 Charley & Russ beside Monster Truck in Vegas.jpg
Ep6 Charley and Russ deep sea fishing in Florida.jpg
Ep1&2 Russ riding the Ducati Panigale next to the Aston Martin Vanquish.jpg
Ep7 Charley & Russ riding from LA to Vegas on a Triumph and Indian.jpg
Ep3 Charley & Russ take the Rolls Royce on the ranch.jpg
Ep3 Russ with his horse on the ranch.jpg
Ep3 Rolls Royce on the ranch in Texas.jpg
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